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"Gio helped us design some incredible merch and apparel items for our new brand's launch, and we couldn't be happier! He was attentive to our feedback and ensured we had a super-slick presentation to provide to our stakeholders. As usual, he was an absol..."
ProfilbildBen Greenfield Life vor 3 Monate bewertet
"Thank you one more time! I'm so happy and proud of our collaboration!"
ProfilbildGio Tondini vor 3 Monate reagiert
"Thank you for another great logo!!"
Unbekannter Kunde vor 5 Monate bewertet
"You're welcome!"
ProfilbildGio Tondini vor 5 Monate reagiert
"Gio branded our masterclass workbook and created some really cool badges to accompany the course. He is talented, thorough, and the greatest joy to work with. Thanks for being the best!"
ProfilbildBen Greenfield Life vor 9 Monate bewertet
"Our homepage needed a little refresh, and Gio jumped right into our WordPress site to add a carousel to our hero section and a super-clean offerings overview lower on the page. He was gracious enough to provide go-live instructions for our team to deplo..."
ProfilbildBen Greenfield Life vor 9 Monate bewertet
"Thank you so much!!!"
ProfilbildGio Tondini vor 9 Monate reagiert
"Great designer, we have worked on many projects together. Highly recommended. "
Profilbildmatthollingshead9Q vor 11 Monate bewertet