Creating a cover for the SUMMER heat
Creating book cover for stoner Sci-Fi Series
Creating book cover for NON-FICTION book
Creating a book cover for SATIRICAL story
Creating NON-FICTION book cover
Creating NON-FICTION book cover
Creating NON-FICTION book cover
Creating a cover for the ROMANCE story
Modern and hot fantasy cover
Hot FANTASY book cover
Creating book cover for FANTASY novel (BOOK 7)
Creating book cover for FANTASY novel (BOOK 6)


I am a highly motivated and creative individual. Through my work, I create brand identities and graphic materials, such as logo, labels, flyers, brochures, banner ads, book covers, social media headers, posters, business cards, podcasts, audio books etc...

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"Thanks! Again :-)"
"My expert! Thanks for your patience this time. I know my ideas can be complicated. At the end - I love the cover!"
"I like my simple book cover design and Blokowsky did as I requested he do. As a first time venture into book publishing, Alex was very courteous, informative and patient with me - which I appreciated. Now, if my cover will only attract a reader!"
"everything is just great - as always... Alex is so good to work with. Thank you!"
"Excellent work - good Communication "
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"My wolfsprincess expert - quick and awesome :-)"
"Great work happy with the results"
"Outstanding work! A pleasure to work with! Very talented! Calvin Luther Martin, PhD Publisher, K-Selected Books"
"Alex was great to work with. He submitted several great designs on a competition I ran nine months ago, and I liked his ideas so much that I invited him to work on a 1:1 project just now. I like his designs, and he was very easy to work with."
"I absolutely loved working with Blokowsky. He is very patient and his level of creativity is incredible. If I ever need another design project, I will seek him out first. "
"I will absolutely recommend Alex for another design project. He is patient and spends the time to explain everything. He is creative with his design ideas and his turn around is amazing. If I need anything else designed, I will absolutely seek him out f..."
"Another 5 stars Cover. Thanks Alex for keeping your high quality level. So I keep you as my designer and enjoy the work and the results of our great conclusion :-)"
"Great to work with. Very responsive."
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"I love my covers... Alex is great in his work. Thank you very much for sharing this heart project with me :-)"
"We start getting used to each others way of work. That's great, it's our 3rd project and I love Blokowskys ideas and his openness. He created a hot fantasy cover. My readers love it, so do I. Thank you!"
"Wow what a beautiful cover! I met Blokowsky during a contest and was convinced very quick that this designer is very creative and has an eye for my fantasy world. So here we are with this amazing cover. Thank you for the great work, I enjoyed working wi..."
"Blokowsky did an amazing job creating my book cover! His work is beyond my expectations! I definitely recommend this talented artist to anyone who wants a wonderfully created design! "