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"Fast, responsive and excellent work! Just what I was looking for. "
Profilbildjaycameronclark vor 6 Tage bewertet
"Thank you so much Jay! It was a pleasure to help! :)"
Profilbildartsigma vor 6 Tage reagiert
"It took a lot of work from our side, we think a detailed questionnaire before the project starts would be a good idea. The starting designs were extremely basic and we probably were expecting more creativity and design expertise. We basically designed t..."
ProfilbildSKULLPANY vor 12 Tage bewertet
"I work with infinite options so that my clients can check several options to make a decision and this is not an advantage for me, I dedicate my time to do this. I believe you are saying that there was a lot of work on your part due to the fact that there were many changes to reach the final project, however, all the projects and changes were made by me with success and transparency. I didn't really understand the part where you said you designed the logo yourself. I worked beyond the stipulated project deadline so that we could reach the final result and made all the changes you requested. It is normal for there to be a difference in schedules as we are working in different countries, but I did not hesitate at any time to make any changes requested. Before we started the project, I answered all the questions that were asked and was transparent about my way of working."
Profilbildartsigma vor 12 Tage reagiert
"Artsigma was very fast and professional, the logo design came out better than i could have imagined!"
Profilbildlucask44 vor 21 Tage bewertet
"Thank you so much Lucas! :D"
Profilbildartsigma vor 21 Tage reagiert
"I am very satistifed with the result. The designer deserves being a "top level" designer. He was very responsive."
Profilbildgokce75F vor etwa ein Monat bewertet
"Thank you very much! :D"
Profilbildartsigma vor etwa ein Monat reagiert
"responsive, good design "
Profilbildidlg.2023022q vor etwa 2 Monate bewertet
"Thank you so much Vynnie! :)"
Profilbildartsigma vor etwa 2 Monate reagiert