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8 years experience at an Advertising Agency where i developed myself as a designer.
Now i am starting to provide my best service to worldwide client.
Have skill's in Photoshop and Illustrator
Postrock is my Spirit

Mitglied seit: 29. Oktober 2010


"My experiment with jurooo was excellent. He was the most responsive, understood my vision and style quickly. Edits and versions would come quickly and he went above and beyond!"
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"Everything was perfect from start to finish!"
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"Awesome and quick to respond."
ProfilbildEric Montague
"Amazing. I felt it was a very collaborative process. I provided a lot of feedback and revisions and all were handling timely and the feedback was received very well. Thank you, Juroo, you were great."
ProfilbildEric Montague
"Extremely talented artist and designer; very responsive and punctual and friendly. Would highly recommend!"
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"All very good. Very happy with Creative of logo and responsiveness from Designer."
"jurooo took the design and made it even better, thanks!"
"Jurooo is a great designer. He took the essence of VooduVibe and distilled it into a design that is in tune with the diversity of my broad target market. He was responsive and original throughout the process. I highly recommend him, and hope to use his ..."
"Great work- classic design and very rapid changes when requested."
"jurooo did excellent work and was very responsive. He followed the initial design outline very well and also was very good at incorporating changes we asked for. We could not have been happier! He was a pleasure to work with."
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"Very happy with the work, high quality"
"Great designer, one of his kind. Very fast and accurate, great worker and professional"
"It was great working with this designer. I had several edits and different directions I wanted to try after seeing new designs. Very fast responses and easy to work with. Thankful for the great result"
"Jurooo's design was immediately my favorite. It captured the essence of my product, it can be used easily across all applications (from products, to box/shipping, website, mobile... etc), it included my umbrella brand and it showed people exactly what m..."
"The designer's intuition and understanding of what is needed is excellent. The process and handling of this job was great. Overall amazing concepts and originality"
"Jurooo did a terrific job coming up with a logo that had meaning and was visually attractive. Jurooo was also very responsive to the various minor modifications. Great job all around."
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"Our team had a wonderful time with Guna. Best part about working with Guna was the fact that the replies were speedy quick. We requested Guna to design almost a hundred variations based on facial expressions of our mascot, font styles, and app icons. Gu..."
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