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Zweitplatziertes Design von kerrigan
Zweitplatziertes Design von ovxsolutions
Zweitplatziertes Design von ovxsolutions
Zweitplatziertes Design von ovxsolutions
Zweitplatziertes Design von ovxsolutions
Zweitplatziertes Design von ovxsolutions
Zweitplatziertes Design von ovxsolutions
Zweitplatziertes Design von kerrigan

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Looking for a relatively simple 5 to 6 page website design for an online accounting marketing website. The website will help individuals and business owners find the perfect accountant for them by searching our database of accountants and matching their needs with the appropriate accountant.

Was inspiriert Sie und wie stellen Sie sich das Design für Ihr Unternehmen vor?

My company is called CPA Seeker, http://www.cpaseeker.com. The company helps businesses and individuals find the accountant that is right for their business.  We have a database of accountants and seek to match the specialties of the accountants with the needs of the individuals who come to our website.  Two other competing companies are Accounting Aisle, http://www.accountingaisle.com and Good Accountants: http://www.goodaccountants.com. The website of accounting aisle is the site that I would like to use as a template for the layout of this website.  Not so much the colors or style, but how the content is layed out.  The concept is very simple and the visitor on our website has to be able to figure out what service we provide immediately upon reaching the site or else they will leave and go to another site.  Two major things need to be on this first page: first our phone number needs to be prominetely displayed on the upper right hand corner, as it is at http://www.goodaccountants.com. Secondly, a fill out form needs to be displayed, also at http://www.goodaccountants.com so that the website user can fill in their contact information if they do want us to help them.  


- 1.  Five or six pages of content that is mainly text.
- 2.  The first page needs to explain what exactly it is that my company does, and the benefits that my company provides.  If you go to http://www.accountingaisle.com or http://www.goodaccountants.com, this initial page should have the same sort of concept where it explains the benefits of working with us. 
- Every page should have something in the upper right hand corner that says request a quote, like at http://www.accountingaisle.com, that when they click it, it takes them to the first page which allows them to fill out the contact form.
- All of the web pages should have our logo at the top just as the accounting aisle website has their logo at the top of every page in the upper left hand corner.  In order to get my logo go to:  https://portal.secure256.com/Public…inID=5931. Then enter webdesign@webdesign.com for the email, and 123456 for the password.  Then click secure file exchange link.  You will be able to download the logo from this page.
- Second Page: I would like the second page to be a frequenly asked questions page that has similar content to this page: http://www.goodaccountants.com/faq. I am not fond of the style of this page, but the content should be very similar.
- Third Page: the third page should be the services page which lists out all of the services that we provide similar tho this page:http://www.accountingaisle.com/services/
- Fourth Page: called benefits which lists all of the reasons why it makes sense for someone to use a CPA for their accounting needs such as this:http://www.accountingaisle.com/help/

Last page: the last page should be a contact us page with our phone number, email, etc.  The email that I would like used is info@cpaseeker.com  The contact page should also have a fill out box in case someone wants to leave comments similar to this: http://goodaccountants.com/contactus/
- Once the website is created, I would like to leave the format the same, but be able to change the wording if need be.  I would like to be able to edit the words and so I'd like to have it set up to allow me to make changes in a simple manner, if possible.
- If there is any confusion as to the style, etc. of the site use http://www.accountingaisle.com as a template.  I would like the site to be very similar in style and function to that site.
- If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at thomasjcafarella@yahoo.com.

Was Sie nicht möchten

- 1.  For the most part, the website should be fairly conservative, no crazy colors or highlighed sections or all capital letters.
- Although the site has to look clean enough and well designed enough to catch someone's eye, the site should not appear to be salesish with any exaggerated or misleadign information.
- do not want any flash design on the website.
- do not want any music on the website, or other sounds

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