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I have previously conducted two contests here and AWARDED AND PAID both times. Of course there is a lot of potential for future work. You can see the large scope of the project for the future. I will provide a lot of feedback during the process. The first three 'bids' are SAMPLES my friend uploaded to guide you!

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Hi all designers!

I have previously conducted two contests here and AWARDED AND PAID both times. Of course there is a lot of potential for future work.

PROJECT:SuperGreenMe is a one stop, green living article database/directory and social networking site. I would like the entire website design overhauled for SuperGreenMe.com

I am looking for a fresh, crisp, organic, bold look with enhanced navigation layout.

There is a lot of information on the site, 1000’s of articles, so I am looking for an innovative/clear/structured way to present all of this info.

Please ONLY SUBMIT A DESIGN FOR THE HOME PAGE OF http://www.supergreenme.com

HOWEVER, if you win, you will need to apply that design to several other pages as well. (see below for specific deliverables - home page, a standard article page, navigation page and directory page)

PAYMENT OPTIONS ARE:Paypal; Moneybookers; Western Union (charges apply, 7 day payment turnaround)


REFER to the SAMPLE DESIGNS I have provided. I cant upload here so My friend uploaded them as the first three 'bids'. SEE THE FIRST THREE ENTRIES

Home, Be Convinced, Take Action, Learn More, Experience Nature, Forum, Directory, Info Articles, ShopCommunity, My Home, Videos, Audio, Photo Blogs, Members, Chat

The layout of these powerpoint examples gives you a good idea of how we want the new site to look and what information sections we need to include.
- Combine top logo, sign-up, navigation, banner and search bar into one section. At the moment these 4 elements take up too much space. We do not require a large top banner image anymore.
- Search bar and Advanced search – please try and make more efficient, e.g. combine as a part of top logo/navigation section
- Require top left main ‘banner’ to explain functionality and encourage sign-up (e.g. see power point)
- A video player (e.g. see power point)
- At least 3 content sections in next section to highlight slide show, tips and profiles (e.g. see power point)
- Icons to display ‘top 10’ sections (e.g. see power point)
- I am quite happy with the layout of the current ‘Featured Tips’ section on the current home page – but you can play with design elements
- Footer – use your discretion
- Keep the same page width
- Use of organic colours - greens and blues - is encouraged. Either use those colors which are on the site already, or suggest new colors in your design.
- Keep the same logo, but we are interested to see an enhanced version of it used. E.g. More bold, crisp, 3D
- We are looking for a more ‘organic’ ‘bold’ ‘3D’ feel to the overall design
- More consistency with H1, H2, H3, H4 titles. E.g. at the moment, title on this page: http://www.supergreenme.com/go-gree…n-festival is not consistent with title on this page: http://www.supergreenme.com/Action-…Green-Tips
- Suggest new font, typeset & layout. E.g. Font style, size, line and character spacing.
- Perhaps use icons to depict major topics or sections?
- Layered, ability to easily turn into RSS/XHTML/CSS
- Feel free to add your own little extras/recommendations
- I will pay for any stock photos used. (if required)
Deliverables REQUIRED FROM AWARD WINNER ONLY:- The following 4 Layered PSD (photoshop) files:
- 1) home page http://www.supergreenme.com
- 2) standard article page http://www.supergreenme.com/go-gree…:Acid-Rain
- 3) navigation page http://www.supergreenme.com/Convinc…y-Go-Green
- 4) directory page http://www.supergreenme.com/Article…s-Products
- Specifications for css style sheet. E.g. fonts used, body, h1, h2, h3, h4 specs, colors used & description of where
- 6 banners for main top left section (see powerpoint) – they will scroll through and explain the key functionality of the site:
- 1) Free tools to help each other live sustainably
- 2) SuperGreen TV – Share and Watch Eco Videos & Photos
- 3) Organization profiles so you can find your favourite cause!
- 4) Join the Community. Connect with like minded people and publish your favourite media!
- 5) Eco Forum: Learn, Teach, Share, Connect, Discuss, Promote!
- 6) Publish! Create Awareness, Broadcast News, Present Projects, Convince the sceptics!

Was Sie nicht möchten

- I don't want your creativity to be limited, go for it! Show me what you can really do!!

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