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Train logo (contest B)

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Logo image of a train needed for t-shirts for adults and possibly for use on other items to be sold in a park gift shop.
We also have a current contest for a logo for children’s t-shirts if you are interested. We encourage designers to make designs for both because we would like to have some consistency.


Hermann Park Railroad

Was inspiriert Sie und wie stellen Sie sich das Design für Ihr Unternehmen vor?

- Background info: A miniature train runs through a large, historic urban park in Houston, Texas, and is a popular attraction for visitors, young and old.
- Photo: The train looks like the one in this photo, but where there is light blue, our train is the more royal blue color. (In other words, our train is two-color, not three like in the photo.) http://www.chancemorgan.com/graphic…ainbig.jpg
- Target audience: Young adults and adults (a separate logo will be used for children’s products--see other contest).
- Where it will appear: On items to be sold in the Park gift shop. Should definitely work for t-shirts, but also translate for other items such as coffee mugs, reusable bags, etc.


- A graphic interpretation of the train; not a literal translation of the photo. Can be abstract.
- Should appear with the words “Hermann Park Railroad”. Please use Trajan font, like in our organization's logo. To see it, please go to:
- It would be great to incorporate the leaf from our logo, or include it in the text portion of the graphic. We would like to maintain some consistency with our main logo.
- It would be neat if the design could incorporate a “green” feel.
- The train image should be on a track.
- It could be a side view or front view of the train.
- Should look OK when put on different color shirts.
- Must be in vector format.

Was Sie nicht möchten

- Something cartoony or childish.
- Something overly complicated.
- Smoke/steam coming out of the engine.

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