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2009 TAIWANfest T-Shirt Design Contest

TaiwanFest brauchte ein neues T-Shirt Design und hat einen Wettbewerb auf 99designs gestartet.

Aus 216 Designs von 74 Designern wurde eine Gewinner gewählt.


Wie TaiwanFest das erste t-shirt Abenteuer antrat


TaiwanFest is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. In commemoration of this milestone, we want to host a t-shirt design contest.

The objective of this contest is to take our festival concept and create your own t-shirt design.

You are welcome to modify it however you like. Mold it in your own creative way. Make it contemporary, edgy, abstract, funny, romantic, thought provoking, anything you can imagine it to be. Have fun!

Files available for download in brief.

Rating methodology for reference:
1 star - I would like to see it further developed.
2 stars - Made use of festival concept but lacking in creativity.
3 stars - Creative use of festival concept but needs some development.
4 stars - Creative use of festival concept.
5 stars - Creative use of festival concept and has "perceivable" connection with festival metaphor. (Cacti becoming Diamond)



Was inspiriert Sie und wie stellen Sie sich das Design für Ihr Unternehmen vor?

TaiwanFest is an annual festival dedicated to promoting Taiwanese Arts and Culture. We focus on contemporary artistic expressions and present programs that reflect today's Taiwan.


The 2009 festival will be exploring the concept of marriage utilizing the visual metaphor of cactuses and diamonds. This is to imply that a new journey of love is full of joy and sorrow. Like a cactus in a desert that must find strength to deal with the adversities. They develop a soul that is crystal clear and full-of-life in that process.

The objective of this t-shirt design contest is to create a t-shirt design using the provided files.

Files are available for download below.
- Illustrator TELUS TAIWANfest Brand Name
- Illustrator T-shirt Template
- Illustrator Festival Concept - White
- Illustrator Festival Coneept - Black- Download EPS Package of above files (2.2 MB)
- Download Photoshop CS3 Package of above files (3 MB)


- Use the official festival brand name as provided in file. ("2009 TELUS TAIWANfest")
- "A New Journey" can be rearrange as you please.
- Make use of the festival concept.
- We want designs suitable for all ages and gender.
- Make use of the front of the t-shirt only.
- The colour of the t-shirt can be black or white.
- The t-shirt design can be in full colour.
- The winner must deliver the final design as Adobe Illustrator vector files or 300ppi Photoshop file
- Raster effects should be set to a minimum resolution of 300ppi.
- Be creative!

Was Sie nicht möchten

- Cannot contain third-party logos, trademarks or copyrighter material.
- No pornography, obscene violence, drugs, racism, etc.

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