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We're a team of 4 web developers out of Moncton, NB, Canada specializing in high-end web applications. The primary technology we use is Ruby on Rails. Most of our clients are startup companies. Take a look at our website http://www.fokisoft.com to get more info about who we are. We use macs and love to read about/use the newest technologies out there.
foki doesn't mean anything. Just sounds cool :)

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

We like to project ourselves as professional but also smart and geeky people. You'll rarely never see us wearing suits. We come in the office with t-shirts not dressed shirts. Those T-Shirts will be for us, friends, and some clients, anyone who wants one really.


Try to match the colors to the site, that's our brand.
We'd like some sort of graphic (abstract or not) to put on the front. Basically we don't want just a logo.
We'll print the design on a black t-shirt.
You need to use the company name "fokiSoft" or "fokiSoft Technologies" somewhere. Maybe also have the site address? Or we'll just put that on the back ourselves, not sure.
You can include the quote "Stuff for the web." if you want.
I don't have anything in mind for what to put on the t-shirt, that's entirely up to you.
File format should be ready to give to printer.
Thank you everyone

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