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T-shirt design wanted for new apparel line for those proud of their heritage.

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Colors I Bleed

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New company that'll be selling t-shirts, hats, and other apparel.

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Looking for an original design for a new apparel line. Something that is edgy/grungy with a slight cartoonish feel. Name of the apparel line is “Colors I Bleed” and the name is symbolic of the design.

Basically, the idea is to take a country’s flag (for this contest let’s use the Norwegian flag) and have the impression that the flag is bleeding out of the shirt. Like the flag is the blood coming out of a wound. However, don’t go over the top to where the flag can't be recognized for what country it represents. Remember, some country’s flag have a picture on it (like Mexico) and that picture still needs to be identifiable. Ultimately, I want to be able to interchange every country’s flag into the design but for the design to sustain the same overall look.

I would prefer it not to be perfectly rectangular. Also, I don't want the image to be too detailed, like Ed Hardy designs, partly because I don't want the bleeding aspect of the design to come across as gory.

In a nutshell.......something simple, unique, edgy/grungy, and fun.

The flag on the shirt is representing the individual that buys the shirt and the country of their heritage, where they live now, or their patriotic connection.

Lastly, need the apparel brand name, Colors I Bleed, to be part of the design but not necessarily within the flag design. Just need it to stand out enough to where it can easily be read on the shirt.


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