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Unique single color t-shirt design with a hip, feminine flair for women's RACERBACK TEE (very important that design is catered to this style). Design should grab attention, cater to all women of various ages, but favored by aspiring, active women ages 18-40. Should lend its basic design from company logo (see website), text should have flair and incorporate light, airy illustration of wings. Wing illustration should have a fantasy appeal and not overtake text.

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I have a company logo as seen on my website but want to add a little flair to its current design and transfer over to a women's apparel line. The design will be printed as a single color (most likely metallic gold or silver ink) on ladies racerback tee, which has a sleek, sexy look to it. Tee colors will be sangria, slate and other summery colors. Apparel line to target women with strong sense of beauty, are fit & active and don't mind showing it!


• Text/font with some flair
• Unique take on existing logo
• Light, airy illustration of wings (i.e. fantasy-style)
• Illustration should not overpower text
• Mockups shown on women's racerback tee: VERY IMPORTANT!

Was Sie nicht möchten

• Dull
• Re-creation of current logo
• Mockup that does not incorporate racerback tee!

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