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We are looking for a simple, clean, and edgy design to put on a shirt. We want to show the difference between our indoor cycle and other indoor cycles is that ours leans, tilts, turns, and banks like a real bike. We are open to different tag lines or even logos if you feel creative.



Was inspiriert Sie und wie stellen Sie sich das Design für Ihr Unternehmen vor?

We want a simple and clean, but cool and edgy shirt.  There can be writing, images, and logos on the front, back and sleeve of the shirt, but it is not necessary to use all three places.  Most importantly we want to show and express the difference from our bike and every other bike out there.  Our feels and moves like a real bike by being able to lean, tilt, and turn like a real bike.  We will be handing these shirts out to instructors, potential customers, and participants in classes at gyms, trade shows, and our office.  We are launching a new model the ABF8 that is mostly black with red and white logos and writing, this doesn't mean that the shirt has to be those colors.  Check out our website http://www.realryder.com ideas and a better understanding of our product.  We are open to different tag lines and even logos if you feel creative.  This is a really cool and innovative product and we want to express that in our shirt.  It gives people a much better workout by allowing them to use their core, balance, and upper body that no other bike has been able to do.  It is also a lot more interesting than previous indoor cycling workouts, because it allows you to move in ways that previously one couldn't.  We are looking to express this in a shirt.


I don't want to require anything on the shirt as I would like people to be creative.  I think that "realryder" should be on the shirt.  Check out our website at http://www.realryder.com ideas.  Mostly I want something that people would want to wear.  Ask yourself if you would want to wear this shirt and does it express what makes the product different from others?

Was Sie nicht möchten

I don't want a picture of our old model bike the ABF7.  We don't even need a picture of our current model bike.  We don't want a shirt that is really busy.

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