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I am an attorney and own a bankruptcy law firm. My website is http://www.billsbills.com . We help thousands of families each year get out from under the burden of debt by filing them in bankruptcy. We are trying to recast bankruptcy in a more positive light. I am working on a new marketing campaign built around "Out-of-the-red/Back-in-the-black". "In the red" is a known reference to having more bills than one can pay. "In the black" references having at least enough money to pay all your bills, or a balance sheet that shows more assets than debts. The idea of this campaign is to give people who have filed a more positive way to describe themselves and what they have had to do in filing bankruptcy. Hopefully, over time, many of these clients will begin to refer to themselves as one of my "out-of-the-red, back-in-the-blacks", a term or moniker they can use with less embarassment and more pride. On my website, I will be working this terms into various pages, and will also, as a separate project be looking into placing these terms in a logo, with the first part in red, and the second part in black. I want to offer for FREE a tee shirt to every person who hires us to help them file a bankruptcy. I want the tee shirt to correspond to this new campaign. We care deeply about our clients and what we do. Hopefully, this comes across on my website.

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

Potential clients who cannot afford to pay all their debts. Men and women, generally ranging in age from 25 to 65, with family incomes ranging from $0 to $90,000 per year. In most cases, people who, by filing bankruptcy, can at least get rid of all their credit card, medical bill and personal loan debts, and who may also benefit by being given breathing room to catch up on other debts, like car, truck and home loans.


Looking for designs for back and front of a t-shirt. The back of the t-shirt would reflect a pictoral representation for the state of & process of emerging "Out-of-the-red". The panel would include these words, along with a graphic design of some sort that would reflect or symbolize a bad or deteriorating situation that exists, but is coming to an end. On the front, would be the words "Back-in-the-black", along with a graphic design of some sort that would reflect or symbolize the renewed, refreshed, upbeat, resulting situation of having filed bankruptcy and gotten the debt money off the back.

That is, there would be reflected on the tee shirt the metamorphosis from bad to good, from in the red to in the black, from unhappy to happy, from stress to no stress, from no-answers to solved, from "-" to "+", etc.

There are many ways to present these concepts metaphorically. Some might involve the true meaning of the terms themselves (as with graphs). Examples might include a red plane falling from which is emerging a black jet (back) and that black jet zooming skyward (front), or a red catepillar (back) and a black butterfly (front), squished under a boulder (back) and standing, happy with arms out (front)

I need the imagination & skills of the right artist to create compelling designs focused on positive message symbolized by "Out of the red/Back in the black".

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