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Fun Promotional T-Shirt for Tech-Savvy Educators

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netTrekker is a leader in the educational technology market - we've been around for 10 years. We sell an educational search tool to K-12 schools and districts. Our product delivers safe, easy access to educator-approved websites and other digital resources to use for research and school projects. Our end-users are teachers and students. The people we sell to are generally school level or district level administrators - think principals, or district Technology Directors who buy our product for their school or district. Because we're in the education technology industry, we try to maintain a current, fresh, "Web 2.0" look to our marketing, while at the same time reflecting a company that is reliable and trusted by educators and students. We’re looking for a t-shirt design for t-shirts that are given away when we go out to school districts to do sales presentations, customer training, or as give-aways at tradeshows and conferences.

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K-12 Educators. The t-shirt will be given to our customers and prospects, who are generally school district administrators - technology directors, library directors, curriculum directors, principals, and tech-savvy teachers. So, things you might normally associate with education like apples, and crayons, and pencils are not the right fit for this audience. They are generally tech-savvy and have embraced many different technology devices - iPhones, laptops, etc. so overly “cutesy” is not appropriate.


Looking for a 2 color t-shirt design for both front and back of t-shirt. T-shirts will probably be white, light blue, or bright orange. The primary PMS colors in our logo and other designs are:
-PMS 151 orange
-PMS 292 blue
-PMS 2945 dark blue

Design should complement this color palette, and work as a 2-color design if possible. Looking for a fun, fresh design – not traditional “education” look. Think Apple computers, NOT Sesame Street or Leapfrog.

Our company tagline is: Engaging students through personalized learning.

The design should reflect this positive message of our tagline somehow. Open to possibly including other quotes or messages that would appeal to this education technology audience. Our audience is tech-savvy and professional, but they are also educators who at their core care about helping kids learn.

Including tagline somewhere on shirt is preferred, but not required.

Logo & style guide available in a variety of formats here – logo is required somewhere on shirt.

Company website: http://www.netTrekker.com

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