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Camp Encounter, http://www.campencouter.com


We are a Catholic Summer Adventure Camp operating year round. Approximately 4,000 people use our facility every year from schools, churches, and cadets, etc.
Our main goals are to help people experience Christ, Community, and Creation. We are less traditional (church wise) in our approach and instead focus on creating experiences for kids and teens to know that God Loves them, utilizing nature and living in a healthy community to teach that.
At the end of the day we hope that kids go home with more confidence, more self-esteem, a personal knowledge of God's Love for them, and better able to understand and navigate the world.
We encourage them to actively pursue a relationship with God. We hope that they take their experiences into their homes, communities, and the world to be Christ for others. Our summer camp is adventurous and exciting. We employ people with great creativity, energy, and passion to provide programs that are relatable, insightful, and fun. We are a nature camp.
It is our 30th anniversary and we want to celebrate that with everyone. We are proud of changing the lives of over 90,000 people over that past 30 years. Our camp is fresh and cool. We accept people for who they are and embrace each others uniqueness. We are very welcoming and have a great volunteer base dedicated to Camp Encounter. We want to thank everyone for their support over the last 30 years.

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

We are targeting kids and teens (age 8 - 18) Primarily.
We are also targeting the general church community and parents of those kids and teens.
The 8-12 years old like the current popular trends for the most part.
The 13 -18 year olds like the more unique, cool, being different is cool!


We want the format of the graphic to be in SVG and Adobe Illustrator files, as well as .jpg format.

We are giving full creative rights to the designer. Below are some suggestions we would like to see incorporated in some manner.

We have tossed around ideas of incorporating a tree image, see attachments for reference, and maybe a secondary image of a cross section of a tree that shows growth rings (30 of them) and the words "30th anniversary" or "30 years" on the arm cuff or somewhere on the shirt in addition to the main image of the tree.

Use of our logo or adapting the logo to fit in the design is desired.

We are interested in printing the logo on Burnt Orange T-shirts but welcome other interesting colours of t-shirts

We are a Christian, Nature, and Adventure camp and welcome any images associated with those themes.

We are looking for 2,3, or 4 colours in the graphic max.

We have Beautiful sunsets at our camp, see attached picture.

Examples of t-shirt designs we like are:

We are also open to funky designs, 80's theme'd, etc so you can produce in those styles as well!

Someone want to try a shirt like this
And put Christ, Community, Creation and the camp logo underneath!

with the camp logo and other creative nature things as well

OR Surprise us with something completely different!!!!

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