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The Amorphous Creature is a modern "B" movie being shot in Knoxville, TN -- the first full-length mad scientist Creature Feature to be filmed in our area. We want a fun t-shirt that captures the spirit of the old B movies, while highlighting the story of the Amorphous Creature. The design should lean towards the old B-movie posters. If you do an image search on google, you'll find a ton of great examples. And it should look good on multiple color t-shirts...white, black and heather gray.

Was inspiriert Sie und wie stellen Sie sich das Design für Ihr Unternehmen vor?

The Amorphous Creature (TAC) is a full-length B movie that centers around a DARPA genetic warfare experiment at Oak Ridge National Lab that goes horribly wrong. TAC kicks butt and takes no names: reeking havoc and mayhem all over Knoxville and the surrounding area. In true B movie fashion, TAC incorporates mad scientists, carnage, romance and campiness galore.

The AC is supposed to be a stealth fighter -- it's very hard to see it unless it opens up its evil yellow eyes, and by then you're already screwed. It's a cross between big-foot and swamp-thing, and highly lethal.

::Added in after questions::

We don't have a concept drawing yet. He'll be BIG (the actor is nearly 7 ft, 280 lbs), he's got mean yellow eyes with cat irises, he's been described as "a cross between big foot and Swamp Thing". He's the result of genetic experiments conducted by DARPA at Oak Ridge National Labs, so you can assume there will be some defects. He's designed to blend into shadows, so he may not have the exact same form that a normal human would have...might have special muscles for pushing flesh around to blend with his surroundings...since he blends in anywhere, could have reptilian skin that changes colors like an iguana...what else...well, he's being designed to be "the ultimate soldier", so he's going to be smart -- definitely smart enough to be pissed about his deformed condition. Strong, but without looking like a body builder or comic book character...gorilla strong. ::

TAC is a labor of love by people who have long enjoyed the B movie genre, and want to see one created in our home town of Knoxville. We have little money to pull everything together. So this T-shirt is one of the ways that we plan to earn money for the production costs, and promote the film to our community.

We're still in pre-production (shooting begins July 30), so we don't have all our costumes, make-up, etc, which means you're going to need to create this from just the AC concept. You can check out the poster for AC at amorphouscreature.com, but don't be limited by it.

The front design should incorporate B movie fonts, Knoxville's iconic Sun Sphere (at night), military fire power (helicopters/guns) and of course - your interpretation of the AC. The back design should incorporate the B-font headline for AC, and a layout for corporate sponsors in 2 columns.


- Your interpretation of the Amorphous Creature
- B-movie font
- Sun Sphere
- Military fire power
- Back layout for corporate sponsors
- The following text:
- "The Amorphous Creature!" and sub-headline "Knoxville's first full-length Creature Feature!"
- If you can figure out a cool way to do it, also incorporate the following text:
- "Mad Scientists!"
- "Romance!"
- "Heart-Pounding Thrills!"
- Color scheme should be night-time
- A little blood and/or gore

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- modern horror movie look
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