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Classy 'pinup' nose-art style

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We are looking for a design that is fun, a little sexy, but classy! It should be inspired by the pinup style 'nose-art' that was prevalent on the fuselage of WWII bombers in the 1940's. We intend to use the design on clothing, but will likely carry it over to other applications like notebook covers, posters and vinyl graphics for use on cars, trailers, etc.


Independent Air-Force LLC

Was inspiriert Sie und wie stellen Sie sich das Design für Ihr Unternehmen vor?

We are a newly organized  angel investment group that is working with a limited number of small companies that are trying to weather  tough economic times.   We don't have a logo or graphic design, but we thought it would be fun to start with one (who knows what we might grow into in the next 10 years!).  We all like cars, motorcycles and planes.  We are also old enough to remember how the nose-art and pinups kept spirits high during tough times during WWII.

We are planning on using this graphic design to mainly be used on clothing and notebook covers, but we also will likely create posters (limited number) and vinyl graphics for cars, trailers, etc.  The clothing design should fit in a 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch square.  It might also fill the back of a jacket.


- Design should resemble the character of the WWII nose-art. 
- The pinup girl should have a sassy looking military style uniform on.
- Would like to incorporate the shape of the Legend air shock morphed into a 1940's style fighter plane with propeller, wings and tail.  This could be in the background. See geocities link for photo.
- Note:  For those who don't want to wrestle with the air shock, try dividing Independent Air-Force LLC between the first two words and place the pinup girl in  between.
- Patriotic background theme OK
- Link showing some artwork that caught our attention:  http://www.geocities.com/deucehearts18/noseart
- Other link for pinup inspiration:   http://thepinupfiles.com/

Was Sie nicht möchten

- There is a fine line between sexy and sexual.  We do not want a sexually provocative design that offends our wives or daughters.  But they do have a good sense of humor. 
- No weapons
- No Betty Boop cartoons ...we prefer something closer to real

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