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The Beast and The Priest - T-Shirt

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My name is Brian, and I'm a passionate father, husband and football fan. A few years ago, I was unable to contain my love for my Seattle Seahawks and started a blog called Hawk Blogger. I have never made a penny from it, and do it mostly as a way to vent the thoughts and ideas that bounce around my brain. It has turned into a nice community of fans, and has grown exponentially this season.

My style is clever, playful and sarcastic.

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

The t-shirt will be for NFL fans, mostly in Seattle. These are generally red meat kind of folks who like aggressive imagery that allows them to puff out their chests. Seattle football fans are a little bit more nuanced than the average NFL fan, and generally likes the "hook" to be one level below the surface. They want to feel like they can ask their friend, "Do you get it?" That allows them to sound smart and informed.

They will also want Seahawks colors: http://www.ssur.org/experiments/Pro…FC_001.pdf

They also LOVE Seattle, and are always excited to promote their city.


The team recently acquired a new player named Marshawn Lynch. He is an extremely colorful personality who runs in a very aggressive style he calls, "Beast Mode." It just so happens his best friend also plays on the Seahawks, Justin Forsett, who is the complete opposite. He is smaller, submissive, and very religious. He publishes a bible verse each night on his Twitter account. I recently publicized a nickname for the duo - The Priest and The Beast. People **loved** it.

Lynch has dreadlocks, so that would be a good way to connect him to the design without including his name or image. His number is #24. Forsett is #20, and is 5'8".

I don't believe we can use the Seahawks logo, but referencing a Hawk, talons, etc. This needs to be tied to both players, the nicknames (The Priest and The Beast), and the Seahawks in some way. That can be team colors, the team name, etc.

At it's simplest, I'm looking for the words "The Beast and The Priest" to be prominently on the front of the shirt with clever ways to tie the nicknames to the players and the team (e.g., dreadlocks hanging over The Beast, a cross around the neck of The Priest, etc.).

I'd like the design to not be overly cluttered. However, if you can work my blog title Hawk Blogger and URL into the design, that would be a plus.

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