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Wie Heritage Festival das erste t-shirt Abenteuer antrat


Asian/Pacific American Heritage Festival (http://www.capaonline.org)


The Asian/Pacific American (A/PA) Heritage Festival is a community festival with music, performances, food, and family fun. We started in 1979 to help strengthen resources for the A/PA community. The objective of the APA Heritage Festival is to extend an understanding of the A/PA culture in New York City across all the communities. The Festival is a vehicle for showing the diversity and creativity of the A/PA culture, and to communicate the importance and relevance of food, performance and music to this culture.

More importantly, the best of community resources are often underutilized in immigrant populations due to lack of knowledge. To facilitate access to these resources, the A/PA Heritage Festival serves as a vehicle to communicate the availability of language centers, educational facilities, child services, as well as legal, medical, and vocational services.

Organized by a group of passionate social entrepreneurs who value transparency, civic engagement, and capacity building, we fundamentally believe in the power of innovative problem solving—what celebrating everything that a community has to offer—its food, music, and culture.

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

After 32 years, the Asian/Pacific American (A/PA) Heritage Festival has evolved into a day-long event with musical and dance performances that attracts upwards of 25,000 community members. These agents of change are thus empowered with knowledge and can spread this knowledge to their peers in addition to becoming part of the organization as volunteers.


Something that can be used both for a tshirt and for ideally a postcard/on our annual report.

We are a big fan of vector graphics.
Stick to 2 or 3 colors

Click on "Color Chart" on this link for tshirt colors: http://bit.ly/91Q07A

While the goal is to celebrate asian/asian american culture, it is important that the tshirt isn't a simply mishmash of countries/colors. =)

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