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Hi, I'm Tim & I freelance out of Chicago, IL. My main focus is on logo branding but I can do anything! Feel free to contact me for any design requests and include designs you like in my folio for direction.

Best, Tim

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"Tim was an absolute pleasure to work with! He took the time to listen and ask questions to learn more about the design I was looking for, and as a result, absolutely knocked the logo design out of the park! I would highly recommend working with Tim if..."
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"Wax'd was excellent to work with. Super responsive, took feedback well and made all adjustments and improvements we requested. "
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"Wax'd was able to grasp our general concept and put it on paper. From there, he was very responsive to all critiques and requests. Overall, we received 35 submissions from this designer. I would recommend this designer to anyone."
"My designer was both thoughtful and responsive to feedback ensuring that my design thoughts were commemorated in the design. Two thumbs up!"
"Mrthul did an outstanding job with our logo. He developed a strong concept to start with (paying attention to our creative brief), was very responsive with our feedback, and did a great job finalizing the work. It was a pleasure to work with him."
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"Tim was really great to work with! He was flexible and asked great questions to ensure the direction of the design was going the right way. Were going to use him for future work!"
"Great work by MrThul. Understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish and took the initiative to be one step ahead of me."
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"MRTHUL was really great to work with. First, he understood exactly what we wanted and then through the design process he was quick to make changes upon request. We are really happy with the final result!"
"Mrthul was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only did he make all the changes I asked, he did them in a very timely manner. He really understood the vision I was going for and I felt that he was going to do everything he could to make it happen. I..."