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Gears image for "The Small Business Factory"

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Our business is going to be anchored on this image of two gears. We've got an initial vector image that was based on our hand sketch. I've got the EPS files that can be used as the basis for the new image, or you can start from scratch. This image will become the foundation for our logo, web site, and educational material and first of many projects.


The Small Business Factory: Supplying the Structure Behind Small Business Success.

Was inspiriert Sie und wie stellen Sie sich das Design für Ihr Unternehmen vor?

Hi Everybody,

This is my first contest on 99designs.com. I'm thrilled that I found this site. I've been unsuccessfully trying to build a network of graphic designers that I could depend on for my own projects and for customer's projects. What could be better than a network of 12,000 designers? We do web and marketing work so along with our own needs, we're always needing logos and designs for customers. I hope to be the source of many contests over the years.

This contest: Our marketing/education presence is going to be called "The Small Business Factory". We've created a two gear image that will be the foundation of our instruction/structure. A friend whipped this into a vector image in one day for a presentation we had. We now need to get this image finalized so that we can move forward. Ultimately we'll be using a greatly reduced version of this image as part of the logo for "The Small Business Factory" (Another contest).

Right Now:
- Our image needs finished.

- Most critically, we need the gears to mesh.

- I'd like the gear teeth to be consistent.

- The larger gear needs to be larger. Large to the point that it is almost straight compared to the smaller gear. Representing perhaps 1/8th of the larger gear instead of almost half as we have now.

- The four quadrants of the smaller gear need to be different colors instead of all of the same. With the "factory" image that we're using, we obviously don't want pastel pink in there, but we also need to be able to read the lettering.

- If the lettering in the small gear can be arranged to be more legible that would be wonderful.

- I would like the small gear to be rotated some as to give the illusion of movement. Being exactly lined up appears too static to me.

- The gears don't have to be transparent if that helps.

- My images don't need to be used at all, I only offer them as reference or foundational images. Use 'em or don't, it doesn't matter to me.

- The image can be any style. It does not have to be in the same style as current image. Most critical is that it needs to be legible and scalable.
My source images:
- Our original hand drawn sketch: http://thesmallbusinessfactory.com/…Sketch.jpg

- Our current image rendered as a .jpg with GIMP: http://thesmallbusinessfactory.com/…mmerce.jpg

- The vector EPS file for the full image: http://thesmallbusinessfactory.com/…sFinal.eps

- The vector EPS file for the large gear: http://thesmallbusinessfactory.com/…geGear.eps

- The vector EPS file for the small gear: http://thesmallbusinessfactory.com/…llGear.eps
About Me: As designers, you'll either love me or hate me. From my lurking on 99designs, I think (hope) I'll fall in the first category. it seems like feedback is quite important on this site. I've seem many requests by designers for feedback on their images. Whether I pick your work or not, I'm happy to respond to the work and give my reactions to them. From what I've seen this seems to help point people in the right direction. So if you like honest detailed feedback, you'll love me. If not, you've probably quit reading already! :)

I'm opening this contest at $125 as this will be the first of multiple contests for creating the graphic work needed for "The Small Business Factory". As a newbie to 99designs, I'm open to any instruction, correction, and input as far as how to run good contests.


- Wheel of Commerce needs to be considerably bigger than we have it. This gear should appear to be at least 4 times bigger than the small gear. We're trying to make the point of a small "flywheel" moving a much larger gear.

- Wheel of Commerce needs to be less visible. Even though it's bigger, we only need one small section of it visible.
- The text labels on the smaller gear need to be: Social, Systems, Sales, and Skills. We've had a few different revisions internally and have been given other suggestions. In retrospect, those "4 S's" seem to fit the best.
- The final image needs to be vector. (For the record, I use GIMP forwhat little image diddling I do, so GIMP needs to be able to open whatever you create. I know I can open EPS).

- The image will need to be rendered in both color and black and white. (Most often in color.)

- Once a design is selected. I'll need it parsed into a few files, as I am not technically adept in GIMP to do this:
- The complete image.

- The small gear by itself.

- The large gear by itself.

- Each quadrant of the small gear by itself and aligned identically (for topic headers).

Was Sie nicht möchten

- No swearing, no biting, no punching below the belt.

- Being a "factory" motif, we should stay with "factory-y" colors. No neon or pastel pink.

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