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"Personalized Life Extension 2010" at lifeextensionconference.com


My background is with the Foresight Institute, a nonprofit that promotes nanotech and artificial intelligence for beneficial uses (foresight.org), plus open source (opensourcesensing.org). I am credited with coining the term "open source software" and gave a keynote at O'Reilly OSCON to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. But this new conference is my first for-profit effort and focuses on health, longevity, anti-aging, and life extension. Our goal is to be 100% credible and science-based in the information presented, but still be a fun meeting, and include important health info that does not seem technical, but actually is (e.g., the use of meditation for stress reduction).

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

People who have at least some technical background (in their job or education) who want to improve their health and delay aging. A typical audience member is likely to be male, smart, college-educated, have some connection to the computer industry or other tech field, and be age 35-60. Mostly from Silicon Valley and the greater SF Bay Area, with some from other parts of California and the West Coast, and a few flying in from the rest of the U.S. Very few international. Not into "touchy feely" health advice, prefers scientific health advice. More likely a Mac or UNIX user than a PC user for his/her personal machine. Likes open source, at least in principle. Sees the human body and mind as a very complex machine. Their personal health ranges from out of shape and eating junk food, all the way to extremely fit and eating perfectly -- but they all want to be healthier and extend their healthy lifespans. I expect many in the audience will be quite knowledgeable about health and longevity, even if they haven't gotten around to implementing that knowledge personally.


UPDATED May 25, 2010: Based on the designs submitted to date, here are some guidelines about what our team is liking and not liking:

Need to make clearer that this is a conference. In header (by “header I mean the graphic across the top), instead of “Personalized Life Extension 2010: Strategies & Tactics for Living a Long Healthy Life”, try “Personalized Life Extension Conference”.

Try to put date and location in header.

I mentioned in the original writeup that the Program and Speaker pages will be merged, so only “Program” should be listed as a selection to click on near the top; omit “Speakers”.

Need an RSS symbol somewhere (the standard orange one).

For social media, list only these in this order: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Digg. Spell these words out (example: #9).

Many people will be viewing this on a laptop, so the header graphics need to not take up a lot of vertical space. For example, design #9 (otherwise good) uses too much vertical space near the top for graphics before getting to the more meaty content.

We need to list some topic keywords at the top of the text content. See the updated site, lifeextensionconference.com. Try to put them in columns.
A few entries are long and will go across more than one column, this is okay.

For the longer list of “Topics to be covered…”, we like a two-column layout (see design #15 for example).

The copyright notice should read Christine Peterson, not Personalized Life Extension 2010.

I have a question for you folks: in addition to the home page, we will need minor tweaks for the other main pages (Program, etc.). It might involve setting up columns and indicating titles, fonts, etc. How do I get these done? It should not be much work. Please indicate in your comments how you would handle this for us. Thanks for all your great work!


Take the current site (lifeextensionconference.com) and make it look "designed".

Would like a clean, credible look, since site is presenting health (and sometimes medical) info.

Other conference sites to look at for ideas:
http://singularitysummit.com (but ours will be simpler)

In addition to the pages now on the site, need a "privacy policy" page design and a design for a page on individual speaker like this:

At bottom of home page, put "Contact us" linking to an email address and privacy link (see convergence08.org for example).

Would like to combine current Program and Speakers pages into one page as on singularitysummit.com. Can make it very similar to that page.

Like singularitysummit.com home page, on home page would like links to upcoming, twitter, youtube, facebook; and sponsors. Can do without middle column.

Images on my current home page are mostly too small now. Feel free to re-use these on other pages, but I may replace them later with other similar images from istockphoto.com.

Want to avoid looking slick, flaky, or cutesy. Here's a competing site that does not have the credible look we want: http://www.longevityconference.com

I have no logo, so feel free to do whatever you can think of to deal with this, such as a "logo" made of conference name text.

Thanks for considering this job!

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